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July 2010 - June 2011


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Physician interactions with industry in an academic medical center are important for the purpose of advancing, applying, or transferring knowledge in healthcare and for the development of important clinical and educational innovations. VCU has policies in place to guide and to ensure that these interactions are held to high ethical standards including complete transparency.

Any service rendered by a faculty member to persons or organizations external to the university, without university sponsorship and outside of official university employment, and all financial interests and arrangements with industry must be disclosed. These relationships are reviewed to verify that they conform to ethical guidelines and applicable policies, are free of any conflicts of interest that could compromise or appear to compromise our physicians’ judgment and that they not compromise the integrity of the institution’s mission.

The information reported about VCU School of Medicine physicians and scientists is updated at the beginning of each Fiscal Year and is based solely on submissions by these individuals. This information will be updated annually. Please feel free to speak directly with individual physicians if there are questions regarding any relationships reported on this site. Inquiries about this Web site should be directed to the Office for Faculty Affairs at somofa@vcu.edu.

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